PORTL works hard to ensure smooth, hassle- free deliveries of your orders. Currently we are providing deliveries to select regions across India.

Delivery and Installation fees shall be applicable on all Orders unless otherwise indicated and as such shall be specified in the Invoice generated at time of your Purchase of our Products. Once your Order has been successfully placed, and following dispatch of your Order, you will be able to track the progress of your order on our Order Tracking page. You shall also receive updates and notifications relating to your Order on your registered email or via SMS or voice calls on your registered number.

In furtherance of Order Fulfilment, PORTL Customer Service agent(s) as well as Delivery and Installation agent(s), team may contact you on your registered email or mobile number. You may be required to confirm, verify, clarify details relating to or otherwise aid our agent(s), team in locating your shipping address/ delivery location as well as provide any relevant identification information.

You understand and agree that you must be available at your selected shipping address or delivery location at the estimated time and/or day of delivery. 

You understand and agree that all shipping periods, delivery and installations days, dates and times shall be approximate estimations only and that our Shipping, Delivery, Installations are subject to prevailing local, regional, zonal governmental laws, rules and norms including any COVID- 19 restrictions and/ or rules which may come into effect during the period and/ or day or date scheduled for shipping, delivery and/ or Installation and any such estimated period, day or date shall be adjusted accordingly. You understand and agree that any delays, postponements or non- fulfilment shall be governed by the principles of Force Majeure, our other related policies including Terms and Conditions, Indemnification, Limitation of Liability terms contained therein as well as all prevailing and applicable laws, thereby precluding PORTL from bearing any liability or responsibility for any such eventualities.

In the event of your availing our 15 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN AND REFUND POLICY (Return and Refund Policy available here), and unless otherwise specified, additional pick up and return shipping charges shall apply and be specified at the time of preliminary inspection and approval of return by our Pickup/ Inspection agent(s).

This Policy is to be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and all our other related policies and together constitute a binding agreement between you and PORTL.