We at PORTL understand and value that when you avail any of our Services (as defined in our Terms and Conditions available across our Platform including App and Website) including purchasing any of our devices or any related subscriptions or tele- consultation services, you are placing your invaluable trust in us. In order to ensure a positive experience for our Users and End Users (see Terms & Conditions (T&C)), we have established this policy for any returns, cancellations and refunds as the case may be. These terms pertain to the following PORTL Products and Services.


PORTL Studio, PORTL Plus, PORTL TVLite & PORTL BioSense, collectively referred to as PORTL Devices and Products


The PORTL Devices & Products along with our Tele-medicine and Tele-consultation Features, Content and Media Features comprise of our range of Services.


When you order and purchase any PORTL Device, upon completion of delivery and/ or installation, should you happen to change your mind, be dissatisfied, experience any issues or difficulties with regard to your usage of or access to our Products and Services, within first 15 days of date of delivery or installation, as applicable, PORTL provides NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN AND REFUND for the same.

 This is however subject to a preliminary inspection by our authorised return pickup agent(s) as well as complete inspection by PORTL upon receiving the Product, evaluating the condition of said Product and if found to be eligible and approved for Refund, the full amount paid to PORTL minus delivery, installation and return pick-up charges, shall be refunded to your bank account.

Please be mindful that our 15 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN AND REFUND Policy is provided by us in good faith and shall be subject to the Product being returned to us with all included parts, attachments, accessories and without any damage, breakage, destruction of product or aforementioned parts etc., that may reasonably be attributable to fault, neglect, misuse, abuse, deliberate or otherwise of or by the Customer. Furthermore, please note that in order for successful return pickup and smooth processing of your refund we require you to keep the box and any packing material that came with the product parcel, in a condition that allows us to transport the products safely. It is understood and agreed that the delivery and returning of goods is a joint responsibility between you and PORTL and if the products are damaged due to absence or condition of packaging this can affect the successful issuance of refunds.

Should you have any doubts, queries, experience any issues or problems related to the Product at any time after the first 15 days of delivery and/ or installation, you may reach out to our Customer Service Team either via email support@portl.co or on our Customer Service number +91 89513 94345, using your registered email id and/ or registered mobile number, on all working days during business hours of 10:30 am -6:30 pm. Our dedicated team of Customer Service personnel shall endeavour to resolve the issue(s) raised by you within 2 working days from date of receiving notification/ communication of such issue(s).

When you purchase our PORTL Products, each Product includes direct access to free, in- built, trial period subscription to a range of our PORTL Services (see description of available subscription packages on our product page for more details). Following the end of this free trial period, you will automatically be eligible for renewal of the existing subscription package or any of our other PORTL subscription packages of your choosing.

This Return and Refund Policy is to be read in conjunction with our PORTL Terms and Conditions which together constitute a binding agreement between PORTL and our Customers and as such, shall be subject to all applicable and prevailing laws including but not limited to ongoing pandemic safety norms and restrictions, principles of force majeure, limitations of liability as per our related policies.


If you have any questions concerning PORTL, our Platform, Website, App, this Agreement, the Services, Devices, or anything related to any of the foregoing, PORTL customer service team can be reached at the following number or email address: 

Customer Service/ Support Number: +91 89513 94345

Customer Service/ Support Email: support@portl.co