About Portl

Portl is a Digital Health, Fitness & Wellness Technology company based out of Hyderabad, India. Founded in 2021, the company designs and develops a suite of products and services that enables hyper personalization of Fitness & Wellness at-scale. Portl also leverages its proprietary AI Motion engine to facilitate real-time posture correction and analysis to deliver solutions across multiple Health and Fitness use-cases.

Portl continues to develop significant Intellectual Property across  AI Personalization, Real-time 2D to 3D Conversions, Hardware & mechanical systems and are leveraging their domain expertise across Imaging, AI, Fitness & Wellness to create a revolutionary platform that is poised to become the operating system for Devices and applications worldwide

Our Mission

At Portl we strive to create personalized Fitness, Wellness & Lifestyle experiences and empower people to realize their best potential through its innovative hardware, software and services.

portl home gym

About Team

Portl was founded with the intention to deliver personalised wellness solutions through innovative content that is delivered using our state of the art touch screen interactive Smart Mirror. We are a team of Product Designers that excel at Computer Vision, Electronics & Hardware Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Software Development with a passion for innovation. Our mindset of disrupting industries with strong hardware redesigned with software and services permeates across the entire team and we strive to deliver simplicity and convenience in the products we design. With extensive experience in the Fitness & Wellness sector along with deep technical & domain expertise, we are confident that the Portl platform will change the way in which consumers access and consume Fitness, Wellness & Digital Health services.

Meet the Brains behind Portl


Indraneel Gupta (CEO)

Technology specialist with over 9 years of experience in Sensors,  Imaging, Machine Vision, Hardware Design,3D Printing and Manufacturing


Vishal Chandapeta (CTO)

Vishal has 9 years of experience in the  technology sector, from Mixed signal  microchip verification and design, to  building automated photogrammetry  solutions with drones

Portl - Armaan Kandhari

Armaan Kandhari (COO)

Ex-Uber Operations Head (Payment & Growth)  for India and S/E Asia, Armaan brings several years of expertise in scaling Operations and Supply-chain for faster & more efficient growth

Portl Akshay Rao

Akshay Rao (Head of Production)

With 8+ years of experience in creating customized content formats for National Brands and Advertising Agencies, Akshay brings to life the content consumed through Portl by our customers and community.


Shashank Sharma (CMO)

Shashank comes with a robust 16+ years Marketing and Sales experience with some of the top Fortune 15 IT companies across India, Europe and South East Asia. He is known in the Industry for his out of box, creative thinking and finding solutions to reach his goals and targets, while keeping a tight vigilance on Opex.