Meet the Brains behind Portl


Indraneel Gupta (CEO)

Technology specialist with over 9 years of experience in Sensors,  Imaging, Machine Vision, Hardware Design,3D Printing and Manufacturing.


Vishal Chandapeta (CTO)

Vishal has 9 years of experience in the  technology sector, from Mixed signal  microchip verification and design, to  building automated photogrammetry  solutions with drones

Portl - Armaan Kandhari

Armaan Kandhari (COO)

Ex-Uber Operations Head (Payment & Growth)  for India and S/E Asia, Armaan brings several years of expertise in scaling Operations and Supply-chain for faster & more efficient growth. He is a builder by heart and loves growing and scaling companies from the ground up.

Portl Akshay Rao

Akshay Rao (Head of Production)


Shashank Sharma (CMO)

Shashank comes with a robust 16+ years Marketing and Sales experience with some of the top Fortune 15 IT companies across India, Europe and South East Asia. He is known in the Industry for his out of box, creative thinking and finding solutions to reach his goals and targets, while keeping a tight vigilance on Opex.

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