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Meet the Brains behind Portl


Indraneel Gupta (CEO)

Technology specialist with over 9 years of experience in Sensors,  Imaging, Machine Vision, Hardware Design,3D Printing and Manufacturing.


Vishal Chandapeta (CTO)

Vishal has 9 years of experience in the  technology sector, from Mixed signal  microchip verification and design, to  building automated photogrammetry  solutions with drones

Armaan Kandhari-min

Armaan Kandhari (COO)

Ex-Uber Operations Head (Payment & Growth)  for India and S/E Asia, Armaan brings several years of expertise in scaling Operations and Supply-chain for faster & more efficient growth. He is a builder by heart and loves growing and scaling companies from the ground up.

Akshay Rao-min

Akshay Rao (Head of Production)

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